We are a turist and for pilgrms hostel located in Viana, a city which holds the title of "Principado del Antiguo Reino de Navarra" (Principality of the Ancient Kingdom of Navarre). We are situated in the southwest of Navarre, we belong to "Zona de Tierra Estella", border with Álava and La Rioja.

The building, the traditional arquitecture of the zone, was totally restored. We have a terrace and a patio, wonderful walks for the historical center, its wall and interesting houses, palaces and churches which show its glory from XVIth to XVIIIth centuries.

The Camino de Santiago crosses our hostel and we are the last place of the Camino navarro and one star = (IZAR) more in the Camino de las Estrellas.

Our city is rich in gastronomy and wines with Rioja certificate of origin, and we welcome visitors and pilgrms

We will receive a personalized treatment and we will inform you to make the most of your stay in this zone.


  • Bunk beds: 10 €.
  • Double bedroom: 30 €.
  • Breakfast: 3 €.
  • Bed sheet rent: 3 €.
  • Towel rent: 3 €.


  • Bedrooms (doubles and familiars)
  • Shared bedrooms from 6 to 18 guests
  • Disabled people access 
  • Living-dining room con patio en la planta baja
  • Big indoor terrace
  • Central heating
  • Washing machine and dryer
  • Room to keep bicycles
  • Vending 24h
  • Free Wi-fi
  • 2m large beds


Viana has a urban planning in keeping with the fortress plaza. It preserves a rectangula and symmetric structure. The city's entrance gates are pointed to every cardinal point: San Felices in the west, Santa María or San Juan in the north, Estella in the east and La Solana in the south. They have been modified in the 16th century and now they have shields and are dedicated to a saints, who are represented in their alcoves. 

Although the medieval village's plan was modified in the 16th century, a part of the fortified that surrounded the village is still preserved. It is possible to contemplate the wall and the barbicans of San Pedro and Santa María, buried castel's remains, canvas in the wall and different fortified towers' structures: the tower of Tambor, Tahona ande the fortified tower of San Lorenzo.

In your visit to the town, you can't miss Santa María church, built in a Gothic style and remodeled during XVIth, XVIIth and XVIIIth century. See the Barroque palaces of the Council and the Balcón de Toros, the pilgrims' old hospital, the San Pedro ruins or getting lost in the alleys.


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