New opened, we have the best facilities for the pilgrims' rest, in beds or in bunk beds, as the comfort after a hard day in the way. 

Managed as a familiar business, we provide a warm and friendly environment to make you feel at home. 


  • Hostel: 10 €.
  • Bedroom: Check price and availability. 


  • Hostel of 14 places in bunk beds.
  • 5 private bedrooms privadas rooming house type.
  • 4 full bathrooms.
  • Kitchen, glass-ceramic hob, refrigerator.
  • Living-dinind room with TV.
  • Laundromat with washing machine, dryer and clothes lines. 
  • Game room, terrace and garden.
  • Bicycle park.
  • Soft-drinks and coffee machines.
  • Feet massager.
  • Internet connection.
  • Wi-fi zone.


Portomarín is placed next to the right Miño riveside. The ancient city, is made by two neighbourhoods, San Nicolás and San Pedro, it is submerged in the damming of Belesar. The current town was built in 1960.

Portomarín was an important  crossing point in the Middle Age with its big bridge and its hospital; now all is under the Miño waters. The magnificent church-fortress of San Nicolás, built by the monk-knights of the Order of San Juan of Jerusalén in the 12th Century, it was disassembled piece by piece to rebuilt it in the new location.

For its monumentality, elements wealth and sculpture sinuosity, constitute one of the most interesting example of the Romanesque of Lugo. 

The Romanesque San Pedro church facade, which also was moved to other side of the village (with the Pazo de Berbetoros dated of the 17th century), is extremely beautiful. 

The Capilla de la Virgen de las Nieves is located over an arch of the ancient medieval bridge. 

Portomarín has approximately 2.200 inhabitants and in it you can find corner shops, bakeries and some hamlets.



Tiempo en Albergue Ultreia-Portomarín