In the little village of Hospital de Órbigo placed in a part of the Camino de Santiago contained between León and Astorga, we built and prepared a hostel from a beauty farmland house which has depth walls. This is a stage selected in the Calistus Codex for authentic pilgrims.

Do not miss the largest bridge of the Camino de Santiago, you also can remember the Don Suero battle where 300 lances were broken for the love of a woman, all that is part of the history of the Camino de Santiago.

In the hostel there is a paint shop and a permanent paintings exhibition made by the pilgrims who do the Camino de Santiago.


  • Hostel: 7 €.


  • Information and turism office.
  • Corner shop with bakery.
  • Bars and restaurants.
  • Bicycle repair-shop
  • Automatic teller machine, chemist's, medical center...


Hospital de Órbigo is principally known for its famous medieval bridge (Puente del paso honroso).

It is a medieval bridge from the 13th Century, built over the Órbigo river. It seems too big in comparision with the river size but before the construction of the dam of Barrios de Luna, this river had a big volume of water. It has 19 arches and it is very well preserved. Some restores were made in different ages. It is  a national monument since 1939.

It is placed in the ancient Roman road from León (Legio Septima Gemina) to Astorga which in Roman times was the capital of the province Asturica Augusta.


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