In the Sonia's Finisterre hostel, Buen Camino, we have started this journey with enthusiasm by clouds and wanting to do this right. We have been very lucky, because the first pilgrims who visited us with their willigness and their advice and support, filled us with good energy and desire to move foreward. We opened our doors in early June 2015 and we know we have stuff to do and to improve, but with time and patience you have shown us and offered our guests, we will gradually getting to our hostel, the resting place with we have dreamed of at the beggining of this project.

Perfect for relaxing, bright and quiet. A building in the village of new construction, transformed this summer in a two star hostel, with a quiet atmosphere, spaces for relaxation and meditation. With large number of beds and spacious bathrooms. With terrace, barbacue, kitchen with stove and small appliances, and various services for the use and enjoyment of the pilgrims, and a wood burning stove for cold winter days. You can also hire the laundry by hospitalera. It also has saunas, one of Finnish style and the other infrared which may engage in. It has information on various services that you can find in the area, including routes by sea, diving, types of restaurants, etc.

We emphasize the good atmosphere, in the review of the pilgrims who have gone through the facility. A place where they felt at home and to be with the firm intention of returning. They highlight the good treatment recived by the owner Sonia, the hospitalera of Buen Camino, saying that all the times she linten to them, tried to solve the problems that may be emerging, and who cared about them and treated them as if always knew ultimately that they will return.


  • Hostel: 12€.


We have a locked bicycle shed to keep bicycles safe. It has capacity for 44 people: a bedroom of 4 beds, a bedroom of 6 beds, a bedroom for disabled people, a bedroom of 1 bed and two bedrooms of 12 places for groups.

Delivery of a towel to each pilgrim free of charge and soap dispenser in the showers. Crockery enough for everyone.

WIFI connection, terraces, barbacue, etc.

Laundry: 3€

Steam sauna: Rent for 1 hour and a half hour (90 minutes) - 20€ (with a capacity for 4 people)
Infrared sauna: Rent for 45 minutes - 15€ (with a capacity for 3 people).
- Steam sauna session: consists continuously from 20 minutes + 20 minutes + shower.
- Infrared session: it consistes of 25 minutes + shower.


We highlight the following visits: Lighthouse of Finisterre, Sea's museum in Castillo de San Carlos, Sale of fish in the market of Finisterre, piedras Santasen el Monte do Facho, archaeological site in the Ermita de San Guillermo, an environment protected by Red Natura.


Tiempo en Albergue Sonia Buen Camino

Tiempo en Albergue Sonia





Humedad: 62%

Viento: 4.83 km/h

  • 24 Mar 2016

    En su mayoría nublado 13°C 3°C

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    Nublado 16°C 5°C