We are in the Camino de Santiago, at the entrance of the locality of Arzúa. 500 metres away from the square of the village.

We have a coffee shop which opens at 07:00 in the morning, there the pilgrims can find a lot of home-made bakery.

In the hostel there is Internet connection, heating and piped music.


  • Sleep: 10 €.


Coffee shop, hall, terraces and common zones.

We are already near to Santiago and in this hostel we will rest comfortably and with everything prepared to arrive to Santiago on the following day. We have all the necessary for rest and the most important, to organise the return home after finishing our way.


In the ancient part of Arzúa is located the ancient convent of Magdalena, an Augustinian foundation from the 14th Century which had an old hostel for poor pilgrims, nowadays is in ruins.

Modern parish church of Santiago, which has two images of the Apostle, one as Pilgrim and the other as Matamoros.



Tiempo en Albergue Ultreia-Arzúa