Calm hostel and well located between Santiago de Compostela and Arzúa, in which we will find clean beds and it is well served. There is the possibility of reserve and have lunch and dinner in the hostel.

Who wants to approach the maximum to Santiago to arrive at the end of the Camino with perfect timing on the following day, this is a good place to stop.

The hostel is located in a low populated area on the same Camino, next to the road which conduces to Santiago de Compostela.


  • Night: 13 €.
  • Dinner: 10 €.
  • Breakfast: 5 €.


It has the typical and demands services of a hostel of this characteristics. The hostel is served by very committed people with the Camino, they keep it open all year for pilgrims and bicigrinos.

Capacity for 15 people in bunk beds and beds, it has lockers, dinning room, heating, kitchen, refrigerator, laundromat ...


Santa Elena is a little village located between Arzúa and Santiago de Compostela, is compound by few houses and lacking services surrounded by eucalyptus forests.

Near to the hostel there are the Chapel and the fountain of Santa Irene which gives the name to the hostel.


Tiempo en Albergue Santa Irene